About Us

Evan LeFloch, a Tampa, FL native, earned his B.A. in Music from Rollins College, in Winter Park, FL. Evan is a dedicated songwriter, performer, teacher and public speaker. Besides music, his greatest passions are travel and reading. His bags are always packed as he looks for his next destination and activity. These experiences, and the people he meets along the way, continue to inspire his music.

Amanda LeFloch, a North Dakota native, graduated from North Dakota State University with a degree in Vocal Music Education. Following her education, she took some “Smallfish Adventure time” to travel and work with a cruise line entertainment team. She has taught elementary and middle school music in both public school and private school settings. She was the founding musical director for the Central Florida Community Arts Youth Arts Program in Orlando, FL, has been a student and teacher with the Summer Performing Arts Company in Grand Forks, ND and has directed theatre productions from the primary to collegiate levels. She is a member of the Carrollwood Cultural Center’s Community Chorus and loves supporting local arts programs.  

A Smallfish Tale

Smallfish Adventures was inspired by Evan’s time directing camp programs and being “the campfire music guy”. Those relationships lead to conferences, conventions and retreats where the “Smallfish Adventures” identity was born. The band became part of those experiences creating social experiences around music.  

Evan was loading in his gear for a performance in Hillsboro, ND, and a woman asked if there was anything he needed. “A drummer would be great” Evan joked. A half an hour later, Eric Martin walked in and said “My mom said you need a drummer…I’m your drummer.” Eric toured and recorded with Smallfish Adventures for close to a decade.

Gary Kovar was a tech-savvy college student who complained about the terrible Smallfish website of 1999. He was immediately hired as our official technical director for life. He continues to serve his sentence while building computer systems for much bigger fish around the world.

What are we up to now?

  • Recording new music and acoustic covers
  • Expanding our music therapy outreach services
  • Performing around the Tampa Bay, FL area
  • Creating studio experiences for our Smallfish family of supporters.

Dive into the Smallfish music archives – take a listen!

What if – Evan LeFloch