Biscuits, Boats and Birds

This week’s 🎉Adventure Friday🎉 took us to St. Pete, FL. Just over the bridge, but a funky place that feels like a vacation! Our first stop was Maple Street Biscuit Company. Southern biscuit classics with awesome vegetarian choices, too. Elliott even scored a free iced cinnamon bun for being a newbie to the restaurant.

We had a little extra time before Florida CraftArt opened, so we ducked down an ally and found our next stop, The Crislip Cafe . Couldn’t resist this gorgeous coffee shop, so we ordered up a chocolate croissant…not a bad decision.

Florida CraftArt is a great gallery featuring local artists as well as artist studios and workspaces. Many different types of arts and crafts and a free gallery!

Few things are more adventurous than visiting a new grocery store, am I right?! Dong A-2 Market is like traveling around the world. So fun to get inspired with new ingredients. I didn’t pick up any of these quail eggs, but aren’t they gorgeous?

Rounded out the day looking at boats in the bay, a trip to see our friend Joan, and a visit to the Salvation Army to find the perfect place to hold all of Elliott’s treasures. We also spotted lots of animals at Lake Seminole Park.

A great day for adventuring! Wishing you all the best!